Anecdotal Testimonials

The following four patients opted to self-administer cannabis extract topically to their carcinomas in an attempt to treat them. Their progress has been extraordinary and can be viewed in the linked pictures. Warning: Some photos are graphic, but they are truly remarkable.

Self-Administered Patient 1
Self-Administered Patient 1This patient was able to expel a squamous cell tumor from her arm after self-administration of topical cannabinoid extracts for a 3 month period. As seen in the pictures, the cannabis extract kills the tumor from the inside, pushing it to the surface. The skin then heals and the tumor is eradicated. Not only does the lesion seem to have completely disappeared, but hair is also re-growing from the new skin.
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Self-Administered Patient 2
Self-Administered Patient 2A patient, with what his doctors called "the worst squamous cell carcinoma" they had "ever seen," continues to see improvement on his severe case of chemo- and radiation-resistant carcinoma by topically using cannabinoid extracts. As a result of more extensive topical application of the medicine, new areas have re-emerged and are also dying. While this patient’s self-administered treatment with cannabis extract is still in progress, the results are dramatic. Warning: these photos are extraordinary, but extremely graphic.
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Self-Administered Patient 3
Self-Administered Patient 3A 46-year-old male with a history of 5 basal cell carcinomas starting at the age of 27, and one malignant melanoma at age 35, began self-administering a cannabinoid extract oil in mid-January of 2012. He is fair skinned and grew up in Southern California, suffering from numerous severe sunburns. He has been diagnosed with dysplastic nevus syndrome (over 100 atypical moles). In mid-January, 2012, the patient self-administered the cannabis extract oil topically to the spot on his left nostril and reported the irritation and scaly texture disappeared by day four of treatment. By day nine, the bump had shrunk considerably.
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Self-Administered Patient 4
Self-Administered Patient 4This Australian woman grew up in Queensland where the population suffers from the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common form of cancer with over 800,000 cases occurring each year in the US. This patient had a number of surgeries to remove lesions, but a new lesion appeared on her right cheek. She tried topically applying cannabis extracts until her surgeon stated that there was no need for surgery since the lesion on her cheek was gone. A new lesion appeared on her nostril and was treated the same way.
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